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“Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers for job creation. Moreover, social entrepreneurship offers not only a path for young people to transform their own lives, but also a way to empower others.”

– Arancha Gonzalez

Common Capital is a community loan fund and non-profit organization that is committed to a thriving local economy in order to create positive social and community impacts. We align capital and other resources to community needs and opportunities. We accomplish this by providing financing and business assistance to small businesses and high-impact community projects. Every dollar that Common Capital deploys is an investment in job creation, providing opportunity for low-income people, essential community services, neighborhood rejuvenation and environmental sustainability. We focus on businesses that are locally owned and that recirculate local dollars. Common Capital is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury CDFI Fund. In order to become a certified CDFI, an dxlive organization must have a primary mission of promoting community development; provide financial products and services; serve one or more defined low-income target markets and maintain accountability to the community it serves. Common Capital became an affiliate of Way Finders, a housing services nonprofit located in Springfield, MA, in April of 2017. Way Finders is the sole member of Common Capital. We will continue to maintain our own identify, and our own leadership and staffing structure. This collaboration will enable us to expand into low-income housing project lending and increases our access to potential clients throughout the greater Springfield area.

Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce


The Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce is a small, lean non-profit powered by hundreds of brilliant LGBT-owned businesses and the Commonwealth’s largest, most innovative, and profitable corporations. We have one goal: cultivate inclusive relationships to drive economic impact.

Christa Whitney and Lance Piantaggini

Committed to their values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Christa and Lance were the first financial backers of Colorful Resilience LLC! Their generous help allowed for this company to have its beginnings as a legal entity with a physical address. Christa and Lance live in Northampton, MA.

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My name is Mayrena Guerrero. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts. I proudly identify as Queer and LatinX.

The communities I serve (primarily immigrants, 1st generation, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ humans) want to know of more clinicians who (like myself) look like them or can understand them due to shared experiences typical of these marginalized communities. There is a need and there are good clinicians who proudly represent the very communities they serve stuck in jobs were they face unrealistic productivity expectations and insulting compensation.

Due to lack of generational wealth and many layers of systemic oppression the few of us who manage to get a State license to operate independently rarely do. It’s too daunting of an undertaking and there is no support for the brave ones. A clinician working independently earns at least twice as much as the ones working for an employee.

I managed to build a successful independent private practice for the last 5 years. Now I want to help my colleagues do the same. I am starting a group practice with clinicians who have as much color and/or resilience as the clients. It will be a place for therapists to learn the skills and have the mentorship to take the leap into independent practice. It will be a stepping stone in their professional development, empowering them to empower their clients.

It is exciting. It is a good plan. It needs funding.

Can you please help us?