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About Us

Colorful Resilience is a Queer-Afro-Latina-owned outpatient mental health services office in West Springfield, Massachusetts. We proudly provide therapy – primarily, but not exclusively – to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, First Generation, and immigrant folks. For clients in the Western MA area, we offer in-person consultations and virtually for those all across Massachusetts.

Due to a lack of clinical representation and cultural competency in the mental health field, the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, First Generation, and immigrant communities have historically been underserved. Colorful Resilience hopes to remedy such disparity by ensuring all our team members are representatives of the communities we serve, fearless allies, or both. Not only utilizing education but also lived experiences to provide the most relevant behavioral health services.

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Colorful Resilience: Our Mission

 We strive to offer a safe and rewarding work environment in which clinicians can be their true, authentic selves to provide excellent therapeutic services to our clients.

A Letter From The Founder: Our Story


My name is Mayrena Guerrero. I am a fully licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts, proudly identifying as Queer and LatinX.

I recognized the need in the mental health field for more diverse clinicians. Professionals with shared life experiences as individuals who have previously been overshadowed. Marginalized communities such as immigrants, 1st generation, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ deserve competent clinicians who can relate to the issues and struggles they face – because their clinicians have first-hand knowledge.

Thus Colorful Resilience was born. We are a group practice with clinicians who have as much color and resilience as our clients and hope to be the first step of many to ensure everyone receives proper mental health care.